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Siding Services Rochester - What Type of Siding Should I Choose?

Aug 13

There are so many options for exterior siding in Rochester, NY. Here are some common types of siding materials. Listed below are some tips to help you make the right choice. Read on to make an informed decision. Vinyl or aluminum siding in Rochester, NY might be the best option if they sell their home.

Another option for Rochester Siding is stucco. This material is typically used in Tudor or Spanish-style homes. It's made of cement, Silica, and lime and is applied in multiple layers over a wooden or metal frame. While stucco is resistant to fire, it's also rigid and difficult to install. If replacing the siding on your home, don't forget to consider its long lifespan. Siding materials can add years to your home's value.

Aluminum Composite Material Siding Rochester is another excellent option. Steel siding offers better protection than aluminum and leaves less waste during installation. But it requires precision cutting and may cost $4 to $8 per square foot. Steel siding is also relatively heavy and can rust if not painted properly. Nonetheless, if you're a homeowner concerned about the cost of siding, steel siding is worth considering. The cost is generally between $15 and $35 per square foot, but it will pay itself in the long run.

Fiber-cement siding mimics wood and stone. It's durable and fire-resistant. You can choose between textures and colors. Fiber-cement Siding Rochester is available in simulated wood grain, stone, and shingles.

Engineered wood is another popular Siding Rochester option. Made from wood fibers and durable resins, it's durable and insect resistant. It can last 50 years or more and is significantly less expensive than fiber cement siding or real wood. Engineered wood siding Rochester is easy to install and costs less than real wood. Because it's manufactured in panels, it's easy to use and install. In addition, engineered wood is easy to work with and comes with a factory-applied primer. It's lightweight and comes in long lengths, making it less labor intensive.

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