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Custom Dri Fit Shirts Singapore

Nov 12


Keep going. This is what you wear for jogging. You're familiar with the rules: stretchy pants for yoga, and afternoon naps...and Zoom meetings...and Dri-Fit sports!

We've all seen it before. Now you're thinking "What logic is that la?" So long as you have a comfortable edy, then you can liao! How dri-fit is all this?

Yes, it might be true in some cases, but let's just ask: Why is Dri-Fit called that? It is meant to keep you dry as you work out!

It's not a secret that Custom Dri Fit Shirts Singapore has been selling in high-end stores. They claim that the clothes can keep you cool, reduce sweating, improve performance, and more. We believe this is both a marketing strategy to make money and an athlete's dream.

We love staying fit and healthy, but that's not the point. We love being healthy!

What is Dri-Fit clothing and how can it improve your workout experience?

What is Dri-Fit?

Dri-Fit fabric, a polyester fiber blend, effectively wicks moisture outside your clothing. Antibacterial compounds are used to prevent stickiness and odour.

You did read it correctly. Dri-FIT fabric, a high-performance polyester fabric that wicks sweat efficiently, keeps you dry even during intense workouts.

Dri-FIT was invented by Nike, but many sports clothing companies sell similar products. Dri-Fit apparel can include shirts, shorts, socks and even outerwear.

What's the special thing about polyester, even if it's simply polyester?

Microfiber fabric helps spread sweat, which allows you to remain dry for longer periods of time. This design works in conjunction with your body's natural cooling system to drain perspiration quickly. The fabric is lightweight because sweat doesn't add any weight. Because of its even distribution, sweat is evaporated before it is absorbed into the fabric.

The material works in both a heated and humid environment. These clothes can also be worn outside the gym due to the wide range of DriFit clothing products. Dri-Fit can be worn in almost any casual setting where you want to look your best and stay cool.

You might be curious about how custom Dri Fit Shirts compare to your regular workout clothes and whether or not the DriFit marketing promises a sweat-free lifestyle.

We will reiterate this once again: Dri Fit clothing is mostly made from polyester. Although some of the manufacturer's cotton-poly mixtures may contain cotton, the bulk of Dri Fit products are 100% polyester.

The polyester used in this material is still made with the same chemicals and petroleum ingredients as other polyester textiles.

This garment is made from the same materials as any other brand of polyester apparel. It is better to choose a different brand if you have an allergy to strong chemicals and petroleum elements.

Why DriFit?

Yes, Dri Fit can be described as a variant of polyester. It is basically the difference between graphite and diamond. Both are made of carbon, but they're configured differently.

This is what makes custom Dri fit Shirts Singapore stand out as outstanding sportswear. They are designed to absorb the moisture your body produces when it heats up during exercise. Your body will sweat less because of the microfiber polyester's breathable properties. You will stay dry and cool even when you are working out at high intensity. It is a great gym outfit that you can trust.

Because of their polyester construction, dashing dri-fit tees are better than cotton tees for fitness wear. Dri fit polyester is better at wicking away moisture and perspiration than cotton tees. Dri fit tees are light and durable, making them an excellent choice for athletes.

But is it stylish?

Apart from outdoor activities and the gym, your favorite dri-fit tees can be worn to play golf, casual hangouts or for business. These shirts are UV-protected and can protect you from the sun. Poly-cotton, polyspandex, and poly-nylon blended Dri Fit tees can be used as athleisure wear. To look stylish and appealing, you can wear them in striking colours and patterns.

Sold, Benefits?

You're convinced by Dri-Fit. Let's now take a look at the top 5 benefits of Dri-Fit (or reasons why you should use it).

Quick drying and moisture wicking

The dri-fit t-shirt is known for its ability to dry quickly, particularly during sweaty periods. Many top users use fabric technology that makes it possible to keep everything working for the best. Microfiber clothing uses very little heat to drain water. This allows athletes to run long distances without feeling fatigued.

Fabric for Body Mapping

Body mapping fabric allows clothing to fit properly to the body. All vents are carefully placed in the most important areas to prevent sweating. This technology is the latest in sportswear technology and is why these garments can be quite expensive.

Light as a Feather

Dri-fit t-shirts are extremely lightweight and made of microfiber material. They feel like a feather on your body. The mesh fabric of the gear is so light that average people and athletes don't feel the weight.


The 4 way stretch fit of Drifit clothing ensures you have mobility no matter what type of exercise you choose. Dry fit t-shirts are perfect for keeping your flexibility in check while you work out.

UV Protection

The best dri-fit clothing also has ultraviolet protection. This allows the wearer to concentrate on the sport and not worry about protecting themselves from the sun's harmful rays. This is one reason why dry-fit clothes are so popular.

You can also protect your skin with a non-transparent material if you have no other options.



It's not hard to see that dri-fit material is on the rise in sports. This could be your regular dri-fit t-shirts you use to play badminton with your lads, or a dri-fit shirt you use to print custom t-shirts . These can be used for company sports meetings or group uniforms.
You can order your own company t-shirts by visiting our homepage. Once you have seen our selection of apparels, simply send us your design and voila! Your entire company will now have custom dri fit shirts Singapore ready for your next company gathering.