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Stamped Concrete - Knoxville Concrete Contractors Co

Dec 8

Stamped Concrete - Knoxville Concrete Contractors Co


Have you thought about jazzing your concrete with a new look on low budget? How about building a new location that's distinctive from majority of concrete without breaking the bank? Whichever way you choose, stamped concrete will be the ideal solution for you. Here at Knoxville Concrete Contractors Co are ready to meet your stamped concrete requirements.


Concrete stamping is an excellent option to give your concrete surfaces an entirely new look. This technique can turn a regular concrete finish to a masterpiece. You can select from a selection of textures, colors, and designs. Additionally, you can make it embossed in order to resemble other materials.


Concrete stamping provides your property an alternative to expensive paver stones. It is a good alternative to the likes of tiles and bricks. Butthe great thing about this material is that it does not affect its durability and appearance. Also, you are able to apply this method on many concrete surfaces. It's perfect for patios, pool decks, driveways, entryways and further.


Advantages of stamped concrete


Also referred to as decorative concrete stamped concrete can be a real benefit for aesthetics efficiency as well as cost savings. For you to get a better overview of the benefits we're discussing what are the most significant benefits of stamped concrete:


Enhanced Durability

Stamped concrete is tough enough that it can withstand weather and temperature as well as other negative external elements. If constructed properly, as any concrete surfaceit could last for years. This is why you need an professional in the installation process. Also, stamped concrete surfaces are strong enough to stand up to traffic and wear.


Minimum Maintenance

Concrete decorative surfaces are easy to maintain regardless of their color and texture. You can wash off dirt using a water hose or clean debris off with a simple sweeper. Unlike concrete pavers, stamped concrete surfaces do not settle or loose. In addition, they don't require replacement or resetting.


Easy Installation Process

A lot of concrete contractors find it simpler and less expensive to pour concrete versus install individual paving stones manually. Constructing a concrete slab or applying a pattern to it takes less time than the installation of pavers piece-by-piece.


Brings Value to Your Home

Stamped concrete instantly improves curb appeal. Furthermore, it can increase the aesthetic worth of a home. Choosing stamped concrete over simple concrete will help increase the ROI of your investment.



Stamped concrete is the best alternative to the more costly construction materials. This method replicates luxurious materials like brick, natural stone, tile, and wood. It's more expensive than simple concrete. But, it's more affordable compared to using real variants of these substances. Usually, decorative concrete costs around $9 to $16.25 each square foot. However, for high-end styles and custom designs, it may be higher. Also, since stamped concrete is very easy to maintain, it can help you save on long-term maintenance.


Stamped Concrete Projects


The team at Knoxville Concrete Contractors Co have decades of experience in delivering quality stamped concrete projects. We provide realistic representations of costly materials at a low price. That makes us the most preferred concrete contractor on this Knoxville, TN area.


Our company does stamping in various concrete projects, including:


  • Concrete Patio
  • Concrete Driveway
  • Concrete Floors
  • Concrete Resurfacing


This service can make concrete that is standard more attractive and unique. We can build your dream layout for your patio, or copy a concrete floor design you like at a much lower price. We offer a assortment of colors, patterns, and textures to choose from. We also provide custom design option if you'd like an individual approach to the concrete you want to build.


The Way We Go About It


At Knoxville Concrete Contractors Co take the pride in our concrete stamped work. We have established ourselves as a leading concrete stamping business within Knoxville, Tennessee, to the present. In order to ensure that we only supply the best quality of stamped concrete adhere to these steps:


Step 1: Assessment


Our team makes sure the stamping area is eligible for overlay. Also, we assess the slab for any damage that is minor and then repair the damage if required. If a slab is heavily damaged slab, our team advises replacing it prior to stamping. If you are working on a new concrete structure, we analyze the space, particularly the soil state. We ensure that the soil is ideal for the work as the soil's condition can impact the production of the work.


Step 2 Step 2: Preparation


We ensure that the surface is clean prior to pouring the overlay. This process is important to make sure that the overlay is adhered to the surface. If there are existing overlays which are not being removed, it is best to sand them off first. Through this process, you will be able to begin with a clean, uncluttered slate. Also, this process includes the transportation of the materials to the location. Having everything we need on-site will allow us to begin and complete the work on time.


Step 3: Pouring of Overlay


Once the area is ready it is time to pour the overlay. Our team of concrete experts make sure that we pour it on top, spread, and then smooth it out. Then, we stamp it using stamp mats based on your preference template or image. We offer customization for the surface you stamp. According to your choice, surfaces can be engraved, scored, or stained.


Step 4: Sealing


To complete the whole process In order to finish the whole process, we add a layer of concrete sealer on top of the concrete stamp. This provides a barrier, as well as a small amount of shine. It also helps in enhancing the colors you've chosen if it's stained-looking look. Concrete sealers are also able to extend the life span on any concrete surfaces. Be assured that we only use the most effective concrete sealers in order to create top quality outcomes.

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